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The Haunted AF French Quarter Tour!

This is the one that's fun!

Expect a few laughs, a few chills, and a little morbidity.

The #1 Airbnb Experience in the U.S.A . [ 1998(4.99) *OMG] has moved to its own thing.


A walking tour of no more than 12 guests. We’ll get to know each other at the top of the tour--where everybody is from, what other tours they’ve been on, interests, and such. Your host will customize a walk to include everyone’s interests, ghostly, morbid, or historical. Once underway, we will walk about 1.25 miles (2 km) along the sidewalks of the French Quarter. It won’t be like a death march -- there will be plenty of stopping as we share the stories of the homes, businesses, galleries, and alleyways along the way.


Along this walk your host will share legends of ghosts, werewolves, vampires, Voodoo, witchcraft, pirates, serial killers, and whatever else comes to mind. We always sneak in some history, architecture, and such -- you won't even know it happened. There will be a bar break halfway through the tour, and a family friendly option too. We will end up back or near where we started.

Of all the 'tours' in New Orleans, please pick this one. It will be a genuine, immersive experience. I promise. I guarantee your satisfaction 100% - Brian the Tour Guide

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