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Cemetery, History, and WTF is Voodoo Tour!

This is the one that's fun!

Expect a few laughs, a few 'aha moments', and a little morbidity.


Think 'Drunk History' style cemetery tour. I know it's early, but the cemetery gets HOT. Go early! A small group of up to 12 guests. We will meet in the heart of the French Quarter -- the corner outside of the Hotel St. Pierre (911 Burgundy Street). We’ll get to know each other for a few minutes like where everybody is from, what other tours they’ve done, interests, and such. We will walk a few blocks with plenty of pausing along the way as I humorously share our history from the 1680s up to the Jazz Age. By the time you enter the cemetery gates you will fully understand how it came to be.


We will take a 10-minute break at a beautiful place called Basin Street Station with bathrooms and all sorts of amenities. Once in the cemetery, I will relay how our entombment practices work and all the real estate options in the 'city of the dead': family tombs, wall vaults, and benevolent societies. We'll see the tombs of such notables as Nicolas Cage (future), Battle of New Orleans veterans, Homer Plessy, and the Voodoo queen herself -- Marie Laveau!


By the time we’re done, all the seemingly unrelated tales and facts are somehow weaved into a tapestry that is uniquely New Orleans. Ironically, the cemetery tour is one of the most fun and funniest tours while still being informative.

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