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"I’m Cyn and I first came to New Orleans in 1992. I knew the second my boots hit the ground, that I was home. The sky was a deep velvet purple as I wandered through the French Quarter, and the smell! It was ancient, and yet so familiar. In fact, it struck me like the sound of a bell ringing. When people ask me if I was born here, I tell them I’m not from New Orleans, but I sure am “of” it. It’s as if New Orleans is not just a city, but an actual living, breathing thing. I like to think of New Orleans as a woman, and like a woman, she can be welcoming and open, and she can hide her secrets from you. I became a tour guide because I wanted to find out all about her secrets. And I want to share all the dish with you! Are you ready for the bone chilling stories, the decadent details, and all the secrets most people would never share? Let’s take a peek under La Nouvelle Orleans' skirts! I can’t wait to meet you."

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