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"I’m Kamille, and I absolutely love all things New Orleans. My history with the city is very deeply rooted, it goes back four generations, from New Orleans proper to all the way up the river road to some of the more quaint small towns in surrounding parishes. Through my travels as a former flight attendant have brought me to me to countless other cities, I can truly say there is no place like New Orleans! i’ve always had a love for most all things esoteric and sometimes even a bit creepy. From reading tarot cards to crawling around graveyards at midnight. These things coupled with my extremely outgoing nature and true enjoyment from engaging in conversation with others made it a no brainer that hosting company whilst sauntering around the streets of the French Quarter was the gig for me. I cannot wait to see you when ya get here! Maybe when can lurk in the cemetery together. Who knows what we might see."

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